BMW 520D Gran Turismo - AVI Audio Upgrade

A great sounding factory headunit (Alpine) but with limited on-board amplification.
A very basic 1-way speaker system (front and rear doors),
with stereo subwoofers under front seats as the standard system.

Lacking, to say the least...

Replace all 4 door mid-woofers with AVI LXD-100, acoustic treatment to speaker location for correct bass.

AVI HF-25 Silk-Dome tweeters to form a 2-way front stage mounted in side mirror pods.
Hand made custom Solen crossovers for a seamless blend with the LXD-100 mid-range.

The newly released AVI SLS-200 8" for a perfect fit in the BMW under-seat subwoofer housing.

For amplification, AVI ABH-3004 75watts RMS x 4 channel audiophile amplifier.